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Benefits of playing football

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Football is the biggest sport in the world, people play it, people watch it and they support it, but the most interesting thing about all that is that in every situation they are a part of the game even if they are not in a football team and out on the field. But the best thing for our health when it comes to football is that it can make our bodies fit, strong and healthy without any boring exercises.

uitrusten voetbal

The benefits are big and there are many of them but here are a few that are the most important ones and that everyone should be looking for. Football enhances the aerobic capacity of our bodies, it is just like doing yoga but in a much faster tempo. It is basically moving for 90 minutes and being concentrated the whole time, how can that not be awesome for our body. You see now why it is good to be a part of a football team.

Football gives our heart its needed exercise

Because football makes us moving for a long time it has a positive and strong influence on our cardiovascular health. By keeping our heart rates up, it makes our heart work hardly for a longer period which it needs every day in order to stay fit and prepared.

Football is great for legs, but also other body parts, it lowers body fat drastically and improves the muscle tone. It has a great impact on our body health which makes it one of the healthiest sports there are and a huge plus is that there is not a high chance of getting injured.

Now we know that football makes our muscles and heart stronger, but it also does that to our bones, because it makes them carry us for an hour and a half during the game only. Football improves also our body coordination and makes people social, because there is no football without football teams.